Saturday, December 5, 2009

Masjid Wazir Khan

This is a beautiful Masjid built, in 1634-35 AD during the reign of Mughal Emporer Shahjehan, by Nawab Wazir Khan who was governor of Lahore until 1639 AD.
Both the external and internal walls, domes, minarets and doorway arches are covered in mosaic tile work in an array of colors.
There is a very large courtyard with a marble fountain in the centre.
The use of traditional Islamic patterns and calligraphy are too beautiful to describe and must be seen in person to appreciate.
The masjid is located close to the Delhi gate - one of the oldest parts of Lahore, and is only a short drive from Shahi Qila.

Apart from governments negligence in other historical buildings Masjid Wazir Khan is very Well maintained and its not just the government part their is a anjumun working for this Majid and collecting funds for the maintenance of the Mosque. 80 percent area and the calligraphy and the art work is in very good condition. And most of the work was done by the local Anjuman and the people living nearby this Masjid so there's a lot more expected from the government to preserve these historical art works of mughals.


umair said...

Great work asghar..keep it up..ur way of expressing yourself is really gud...

Zohaib said...

A realy informative article. The video showed the beauty of mughal architecture

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